Hi cuties! abadoom and kvtebishop have spontaneously decided to throw a Spuffy Appreciation Week! (Spontaneous is why the edit isn’t as nice as we might want)

The details?
Anyone can participate!
Will take place between July 27-August 2 
You can tag your posts with #spuffy appreciation week so everyone can see them ♥
You don’t have to be following us but you can check out Katey’s sideblog spuhffy ;)
The days? (Things in paranthesis are just some examples we thought of)
Day 1: Old School Spuffy (earliest seasons)
Day 2: Sad/Jealous Spuffy
Day 3: Funny Spuffy
Day 4: Spuffy AUs (alternate universes) or headcanons
Day 5: Favorite Spuffy quotes
Day 6: Family dynamic (scenes with Dawn, scenes with the Scoobies, etc.
Day 7: Favorite Spuffy Music Moment
You make any creative pieces you want!
Some examples: writing, graphics, edits, fanmixes, gifsets, and anything you’re good at ♥
Everyone will love what you do, we promise

We hope to see tons of participation!

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Hey guys, I’m thinking of changing my url (I know, again, sorry) but I need your help! There’s a poll on my page so if you could reblog this and vote I’ll give you a blog rate (✿◠‿◠)

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  • Must be following Sam and Libby
  • Reblogs until May 31st
  • You can like to save the post, but must reblog to be considered
  • Must reach at least 60 notes, so spread the word ;)
we're looking for
  • Fandom blogger!
  • Nice Blogger
  • Organized tagging system
  • Creative theme
  • The follower count never matters!
the winner
  • A link on both of our blogs
  • A promo from both of us when you win
  • An 8tracks playlist from Libby based on your blog
  • A graphic done by Sam
  • A follow from both of us, if we don’t follow already
  • undying friendship, that you cannot escape
Runner up
  • 1 runner up for ever 25 notes
  • A promo from each of us
  • Follow back from each of us
  • A link in our updates tab
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Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m gonna make this place your home

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⭐️ Be my BOTM! ⭐️


Time is running out!!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a horror movie


Hello & Welcome to my May Blog of the Month!

  • Must be following this badass female character
  • Reblog as much as your little heart desires
  • Likes will get you nowhere in life, sorry friend
  • Ends April 29th
  • 1 winner & 2 runner ups
What I'm Looking For
  • Fandom blog
  • Tagging system!!!
  • Super nice
  • Follower count doesn’t matter
Winner Receives
  • Link on my updates tab
  • Promo when you win + unlimited promos whenever you want
  • Follow back, if I don’t follow already
  • Help in any polls or anything you need
  • Friendshipppppp
Runner Ups Receives
  • 2-3 runner ups
  • A screenshot promo + a description of your blog
  • A follow back
  • Link in my updates tab
  • No way, José!
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character meme →  four episodes

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positive lady characters meme  angel the series ‘billy’ + powerful/feminist moments

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